• What to Expect

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    Prior to our initial consultation, I’ll be happy to check your insurance benefits to see if counseling services are covered. You can complete all of the necessary paperwork online via my secure portal before we meet.  When we meet for our first consultation session, you will have the opportunity to ask me anything at all.

    My office (both virtual and in person) will become a safe space for you to come each session and talk about anything and everything.


    My fee is $185 for your initial session and $175/ongoing.

    I take Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO) insurance, though many of my clients prefer private pay, due to the potential risks of using insurance.

    Things to consider:

    • With insurance, I am required to give you a mental health diagnosis, which then becomes part of your permanent medical record and can be considered a pre-existing condition.
    • With insurance, I am less in control of the privacy of your health records and personal information. I have to give reports of your progress periodically to your insurance company.
    • Insurance can dictate our work, only allowing you a certain number of sessions, no matter what new life stressors arise.