Welcome! I am glad you are here.

    I help successful professionals figure out what’s missing.

    What if you could feel less stressed…



    And more confident…

    …cared about…


    If the only thing you’re looking forward to is wine after work…

    If you still feel lonely in a crowd of friends…

    If you can’t remember the last time you were truly happy

    We need to talk.

    My clients are smart, hardworking professionals

    who are sick of feeling that something is missing.

    Often, smart people chase success hoping it will erase the empty, disconnected feeling inside. We learn the hard way that the unfulfilled feeling hits at night no matter how many awards we rack up at work.


    Many of my clients have beaten the odds and have much to be proud of.

    Maybe your childhood was unstable in some way, and now you work your butt of to create stability for your family.

    Maybe you came from a tough early life or low self-esteem, and what you’ve managed to achieve is amazing…

    but that inner shame and nasty self-talk pounce the minute you make any tiny mistake.

    Maybe it’s hard to get close to people, find deep love, or make certain relationships work.

    Maybe you always feel alone in a crowd.


    You don’t have to let that inner voice beat you up any longer.

    You can feel better.


    I help people:

    Ditch unnecessary stress once and for all

    Connect the dots to deeply understand themselves

    Quiet that nasty, berating self-critic inside that holds them back

    Live up to their full potential in whatever areas they choose

    Learn to live in joy and ease

    Feel great no matter what life throws their way!

    We’ll build you a path out of sadness and overwhelm…
    then I’ll walk every step of that path right along with you.

    Meet Dr. Strait

    I help successful professionals figure out what’s missing. If you don’t know why you’re not happy, let’s talk. If that harsh “inner critic” berates you, let’s talk. Maybe imposter syndrome follows you around. Perhaps you had an unstable childhood, and no matter how much you achieve, you can’t shake that “less than” feeling. You’re lonely, anxious, and hard on yourself…even though everyone around you thinks you’re impressive! I help people just like you quiet the critic, ditch the shame, and feel alive and happy, often for the first time in years.

    Let's connect online and get started!